Drip Drip Drop

5-channel sound installation
150 x 330 x 155 cm

Sound (06:36 min loop), found concrete blocks, videos (02:48 - 06:49 min loop, each of the three sequences is shown on a phone), aluminium pipes, moss

From each speaker, two voices tell poems and sing together  accompanied by a choir of rain. When played together, the five different sound outputs becomes a variable mix of poems, songs and field recordings of rain and water streams.

Drip Drip Drop deals with leakage, time and growth out of decay. How a puddle of water on a leaf, too heavy to hold, eventually burst. A concrete wall that leaks. Drip, drip, drop. The damp spreading, the wall cracks. The moss that thrives in the dense air, spreading along the concrete and asphalt.

Video loops and recording of the soundscape.