Fortune Teller
Sound installation (4 channels)
Pamphlet with listening instructions (digital print, 210 x 297 mm), sound (31:28 min loop), 4 speakers (each placed in one of the cardinal directions)

Fortune Teller is a site-specific work for a forest by Stockholm University. The work consists of a sound composition for four speakers and listening instructions in a pamphlet. The pamphlet was available at the site and Accelerator (a kunsthalle nearby) through out the exhibition period, whereas the sounds was only present during the opening evening. The listening instructions can be performed in the forest or in a different location, and instruct the reader to move around in its surroundings by finding sounds to follow. By doing so, they compose their own listening experience.

The speakers played the sounds of four different graphic scores for clay flute based on breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and stress, interpreted and played in dialogue with Erika Rohlfs. The flutes used in the recordings, are called ’Lergök’ (Clay Cuckoo) and can only make two tones. In Swedish folklore, the calling of a cuckoo bird can foresee the future depending on its direction. Each recording was therefore arranged for a different cardinal direction and played in a speaker either placed north, south, west or east.

Curators: Linnea Wästfelt and Jonas van Kappel

Scores based on breathing exercises. Left to Right: West, East, South, North.

Scores based on breathing exercises.
From left top: West, East, South, North.

From Fragments of Forests. Video: Elina Birkehag. Sound: Mari Matttsson.

Pamphlet with information about the work and listening instructions (turn clockwise). Photo: Laurens Rohlfs

Photos: Linnea Wästfeldt