Fortune Teller

4-channel sound installation
Sound (31:28 min loop), 4 speaker (each placed in one of the cardinal directions), pamphlet with listening instructions

Fortune Teller is a four-channel sound installation by Mari Mattsson, composed specifically for the forest behind Gula Villan. The foundations of the sounds are scores for clay flute, based on breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and stress. The flutes, played in dialogue by Erika Rohlfs and the artist, are called lergök (Clay Cuckoo) and can only make two tones. The interpretations of the scores are recorded freely arranged for the four cardinal directions. In Swedish folklore, the cuckoo bird possesses the ability to forsee the future. The direction of the bird’s calling foretells grief (north), solace (east), death (south) or fortune (west).

After the 4th of October 2023, when the call of the cuckoo has stopped, Fortune Teller will remain at the site until 13 December as listening instructions on a pamphlet.

Presented at Fragments of Forests, Accelerator in collaboration with the International Master’s Programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University.
Curators: Linnea Wästfelt and Jonas van Kappel
Artists: Linnea Lindberg and Mari Mattsson

Scores based on breathing exercises. Left to Right: West, East, South, North.

Scores based on breathing exercises.
From left top: West, East, South, North.

From Fragments of Forests. Video: Elina Birkehag. Sound: Mari Matttsson.

Pamphlet with information about the work and listening instructions (turn clockwise). Photo: Laurens Rohlfs

Photos: Linnea Wästfeldt