The Judging Eye And Unreliable Light

Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
1800 x 1800 mm

Sculptures (Clay and mood ring, unburned clay with dimples filled with essential oils of pine and orange, stones and clay with casting of the stones), iphone with  video of a red sandstone landscape that changes shape (loop 10 min 45 sec), iphone with video of plants changing colors (loop 4 min 58 sec), acrylic plastic with carved drawings (Eye: 100x148x3mm, hands: 120x200x3), stones, Lavender (plant), Blue Rabbit's Foot Fern (plant), Fern (plant), foamcarpet

The installation is a play on perception, definition and manipulation by using fragrances, the attribute of a model landscape and changeable elements like natural light and unburned clay.