Time Teller (Huda, Stacey,
Boris, Mari, Amy, Emily,
Jesse & Sandeep) II

8-channel sound installation
Sound (20:00 min loop), steel tripods, 8 speakers

A re-edited version of the graphic score Time Teller with eight different interpretations.
Interpretations sung and recorded by:
Stacey Ejiroghene Okparavero, Huda Zikry, Boris Jöns, Sandeep TK, Emily Thomas, Jesse Gerard Mpango, Amy Boulton, Mari Mattsson

The ensemble consists of a group of artists that shared a residency housed in an old train station.

Edited and composed by Mari Mattsson. 

Presented at Konstakademien together with Aron Agélii, Elina Birkehag, Django Giambanco, Simon Sjöström och Ossian Söderqvist.

Time Teller Assemblage I (mot-/medsols)
135 x 62 cm
Time Teller - Graphic score made for voices (risoprint on paper glued to wall), engraved and sandblasted glass, metal, fingerprint, spotlights

Printed versions of the two voices and clock dial of the graphic score Time Teller are glued to the wall. Mounted infront of them are three glass sheets with engraved drawings of circles and a dragonfly that moves counterclockwise on the glass. Between the clock dial and a glass sheet is a metal axis with adjustable clock hand, and an oily finger print, which is smudged when someone moves the hands.