Innan jag kunde simma flöt jag med vågorna
Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm and Lidelsen, Nyköping
7 x 6 x 3 m

Satin fabric (9x1,5 m), weights (shells from childhood collection, polyester,
metal hanger), sandpaper, plexiglass with text either screenprinted (400x200x3 mm) or carved (210x148x3 mm), straps, wire (6,5m)

I collected stones. They were so soft on my skin like the caress of the ocean breeze. Polished smooth by the sea so it would lie comfortably in my childish hand.

Common sea shells, white cockle shells and abandoned molluscs’ homes, in plastic boxes that I kept in my room. After years of oblivion I finally opened the containers. An intense smell of dried algae and kelp struck me.

It didn’t disgust me. It only reminded me of salty ocean taste, wet feet in warm sand, the mysterious fields of seaweed beneath the cliffs and the cold water covering my body but still carrying me.


I collected stones

03:25 min
Shown as a loop together with (Innan jag kunde simma flöt jag med vågorna) at Lidelsen Festival.

In the opening sequence of the kids television program Den vita stenen from 1973, one of the main characters is carefully holding a stone in her hand. She strokes her face with the stone, and with an innocent look she stares into the camera. In the video I collected stones the opening sequence is layered with sequences of a young woman mimicking the movements of the girl from Den vita stenen while recording it with a web camera.