Left room 

Time Teller

Graphic Score made for voices
Risoprint on A3-paper
English and Swedish edition

Time Teller is a graphic score with two voices. The instructions on how to sing the score changes with the interpreter’s daily routine and location. Durations and sounds are added to different sections with the help of a clock, that is included in the score.

Aaah, Oooh, Hum

Graphic score, part of the score
Ø 30cm
Engraving on glass, steel, spotlights

The minute hand shows what sound to sing (aaah, oooh, hum) and the hour hand shows how long to sustain a section of arrows in the score.

Presented at Galleri Mejan with a spotlight casting a shadow of the engraved glass dial onto the wall. Spotlights were also directed onto empty walls.

Right room

Time Teller (Huda, Stacey,
Boris, Mari, Amy, Emily,
Jesse & Sandeep)

8-channel sound installation
Sound (16:37 min loop), steel tripods, 8 speakers

A version of the graphic score Time Teller with eight different interpretations. 
Interpretations sung and recorded by:
Stacey Ejiroghene Okparavero, Huda Zikry, Boris Jöns, Sandeep TK, Emily Thomas, Jesse Gerard Mpango, Amy Boulton, Mari Mattsson

The ensemble consists of a group of artists that shared a residency housed in an old train station.

Edited and composed by Mari Mattsson.

Windows and lights were covered with blue filters in both rooms of Galleri Mejan.